Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Customizable 8-piece get started kit!!! 

Hiyaa guyss,
I cannot describe to you enough how much i love this kit, its amazing, just amazing! when i had heard about bare minerals i didn't think much of it but then i thought i would go up to a counter to find out a bit more about it. The lady that helped me was amazing, so good that i brought the kit. I have acne prone skin and i know that covering your skin in make up is bad for it blah blah blah but i am so insecure about it. i didn't think that the foundation being mineral would be enough coverage for my skin but in the shop at the counter that lady color matched me and then did my make up again it was lovely and with the makeup being mineral i thought that it will be better for my skin. She recommended the READY SPF 20 Foundation for my skin it last up to 12 hours and i think that it starts to look more natural as the day goes on as it sinks into the skin but still having amazing coverage. it really does have 100% natural look and no makeup feel. It says on the back that it is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin. It also shows before and after pictures of 'redness and rosacea', 'acne and breakouts' and 'dark circles & uneven skin tone'. they have other types of foundation too and also other cosmetics to complete your look. i hope to try some more out. 
To apply the foundation i would do my normal skin care routine and then i apply the primer to my face, it is so soft! I then take my precision face brush (unfortunately this does not come in the set and it is £24.99 so a bit pricey but an amazing brush) and just wiggle the brush face down in the powder foundation and the gently apply it all over my face and a little goes a long way.

The back showing the before and after pictures and a few facts about the kit.
The front showing what is in the kit.
So overall in the set you get: 
-Foundation (suited to your skin, i'm in the shade R250) 
-Original mineral veil 
-Warmth all over face color 
-Full flawless face brush 
-Flawless application face brush 
-Maximum coverage concealer brush  
-Prime time foundation primer 
-Get started DVD   
All of these products are amazing however the DVD i think can be a bit miss leading. In the DVD it didn't even show how to use the foundation that i had brought in this set. However it did show me how to use the other products in the kit. 
If you have skin like mine i really recommend this kit it is £50 so a bit pricey but definitely worth it, i wouldn't normally spend this amount of money but you get so much for your money and the pots are not a smaller size either so you definitely get your moneys worth and better value that if you were buying these products individually. I love it!
Amelia oxo

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